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Courrier : Groupenfonction - 53 avenue Jean Portalis - 37200 Tours



cycle of performances

In loving memory redraw the last thirty years, of 1977 in today, by asking the question of what makes History. Elvis Presley dying on his toilet, the mysterious life of Romy Schneider, the silence of Kurt Cobain, the discography of Radiohead, etc. …

Under the shape of a muddled fresco, as our memory, In loving memory can be it question the means of transmission of what we crossed up to there, of what constitutes us. From documents resources and of objects of the popular culture : songs, biographies, television programs, images of one, oeuvres of art, etc. we work on the resumption, the copy. As a rock band would take back songs of Beatles, we are going to take back moments of the History and our stories.

Appropriate a work, an object, an image or a popular song, and to operate a historic return, to move, to change angle of perception, to question what stays in us of that… To position on the border of the loan, the theft, the sampling, the recycling, and which can recover at once from the diversion, from the quotation, from the pure copy or from the tribute.

Of this work of copy, we want to build a narrative, except chronology, and to try to find an identity in our generation. We are constituted by read books and by quite made sentences, by seen broadcasts and by fallen stars. We are badly tidied up libraries. We have collateral souvenirs. Feelings as thicknesses, fragments of our fathers who would have struck our flesh, organic shrapnels. What we inculcated us and we fetched. We are We are the world, Rock n Roll Suicide and Isabella’s Room. The death of Elvis, Romy Schneider and Kurt Cobain. My brother, Radiohead and the fall of the wall.

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