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Courrier : Groupenfonction - 53 avenue Jean Portalis - 37200 Tours



epidemic and participative parade in public space

PRIDE is a group of individuals – between 20 and 50 persons – gather in the public space to dance. They don’t look at each other but they listen to each other, they listen to the rhythm they create. Because there is no music, only their breaths will lead them towards a common rhythm. They form a heap, a creature with a thousand bodies that moves in the city, slowly, at the speed of one to five metres per minute. And yet they dance, out of breath, they exhaust themselves until falling. Each individual performs his own dance, his intimate dance, the one that resonates with pleasure in his entire boby. It is a non-learned, non-written dance. The dance is each individual’s emancipation tool, it is a source of individuation. Each one is in touch with his own desire, his own energy. The arrangement of those individuations and desires will make community. They cover the city, like survivors, they re-enchant it as they do so. They stop. They walk. Start and dance again. Use public transport. Don’t look at each other but still listen to each other, form one body. This creature with a thousand bodies is a star from witch desire spreads. In the city. Where only our lowest urges are solicited. Pride appeals to each one’s desire.